Abqaiq Water Injection Facility Project

The Abqaiq water injection facility is part of Saudi Aramco’s program to maintain oil production levels at the Abqaiq field. The project mandate sought cost effective solutions to power the water pumps used to inject water into eight injection wells, located in the middle of the desert. The high-pressure centrifugal pumps operate at 4.16KV, and each pump has a motor rating of more than 1000 hp.



EEIC provided eight pre-fabricated substations, one for each injection well located in the desert. 


Each substation was supplied with the following equipment:


• MV switchgear

• MV Motor Control Center

• LV Motor Control Center

• Control panels

• Battery chargers

• PLC control panel including SCADA for the pumps and control centers

• Installation, and testing and commissioning services


The project, executed by EEIC on turn-key basis, began in 2013, and the commissioned work was completed in April 2014.

Abqaiq Water Injection Facility ProjectAbqaiq Water Injection Facility Project