Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers

Motorpact™ medium voltage motor controllers provide the most efficient means to control and protect a wide range of applications and can be configured for motor starting, transformer feeders, capacitor feeders or future spaces. In addition, its compact footprint allows easy retrofitting.


Product Name:- Motorpact
Design Standard:- NEMA/IEC
Voltage Rating (KV):- Up to 7.2
Current Rating (A):- Up to 3150
Interrupting Capacity (KA):- Up to 50
Draw Out Contactor:- Vacuum
Contactor Rating (A):- 200-720
Bus Bar System Design:- Single
Construction Design:- 1-High
Internal Arc Withstand:- Yes
Saudi Aramco RVL (Regulated Vendor List):- 16-SAMSS-506

Manufactured and assembled by EEIC under license from Square D by Schneider Electric

Medium Voltage Motor Control CentersMedium Voltage Motor Control Centers