Low Voltage Motor Control Centers

Motor control centers (MCCs) provide the most suitable method for grouping electrical motor   control, automation, and power distribution in a compact and economical package. Motor control centers consist of totally enclosed, dead front, free-standing structures bolted together. These sections support and house control units, a common bus bar for distributing power to the control units, and a network of wire trough and conductor entrance areas for accommodating incoming and outgoing load and control wires. 


Product Name:- Model 6

Design Standard:- NEMA/UL

Equipment Type:- Controlgears

Voltage Rating (V):- Up to 600

Current Rating (A):- 600-2500

Interrupting Capacity (KA):- Up to 100

Switching Unit Type:- ALL

Circuit Breaker Rating (A):- 15-2000

Max Starter Combination Size:- 400HP/300KW

Switching Unit Design:- Plug-in/Fixed

Internal Arc Withstand:- Yes

Saudi Aramco RVL (Regulated Vendor List):- 16-SAMSS-503


Manufactured and assembled by EEIC under license from Square D by Schneider Electric

Low Voltage Motor Control Centers