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Improving Staff Engagement: EEIC's Winning Combination

January 13, 2016

A company’s business strategy is most often explained as the creation of a unique and valuable position which requires certain trade-offs in activities such that they are aligned with company goals. 
However, shockingly, most business executives, let alone employees are unaware of their organization’s strategy. 
Interestingly enough, local power and automation solutions’ provider, Electronic and Electrical Industries Corporation (EEIC) found the best way to improve strategy execution was in fact by firstly, engaging employees at all levels. 
CEO Muntaser Kalahji comments: “We were shocked to learn that according to international surveys, about 95 percent of employees are usually unaware of their company’s strategy. This automatically led me to wonder how companies could successfully execute strategy if employees are not even involved enough to be aware of it? At EEIC, we thus decided to focus on improving employee engagement over the course of this year and are definitely learning as we go.”
EEIC has initiated a holistic internal communications campaign under the name of “You Matter” this year. 
True to its name, the campaign aims at placing employees at its center by encouraging them to share, be heard, be involved and actively participate in developing the dynamic culture of the company. Thus, in 2015, the campaign witnessed the launch of various initiatives under three main umbrellas, “listening” to encourage employees to speak up, “communicate” to engage the management with the employees in a two-way conversation and “appreciate” to celebrate and recognize the movers and shakers at EEIC. 
Further describing the campaign, Kalahji continues: “We now schedule regular management meetings with all departments and have worked on providing multiple platforms for employees to reach us. These include activating our social media, creating an anonymous e-mail address to entertain confidential concerns, planning casual employee breakfasts and even initiating “EEIC Got Talent” to encourage employees to come forward to share their unique skills. Furthermore, we also plan to now award “employees who make a difference” to appreciate those employee who go above and beyond their duties and contribute positively and set them as role models.”
The creation of these multiple avenues have also facilitated the flow of information on EEIC’s current and future strategy, as social media and meetings are heavily utilized to discuss and promote the company’s goals and vision. 
Nada Tahir, communications officer, added: “We have made it a point to highlight our current and future strategy through all channels that are being used to engage employees. We, for example, recently released a video on EEIC’s company strategy on Youtube and shared it across all platforms to help employees understand their place in the bigger picture. I’m happy to share that the feedback we have gotten has been very encouraging.”
Electronic & Electrical Industries Corporation (EEIC) specializes in providing integrated power and automation solutions that are used to operate the world’s largest oil, gas, petrochemicals, power generation and desalination facilities and is based in Dammam.